by Warren of Ohms

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Check out each individual track for trivia/information on said song.

This record was somewhat of an experiment in that every song was written and recorded in as few sessions humanly possible, typically two; One session for the writing and recording of instruments and one for the writing and recording of vocals.


released June 28, 2013

All instruments and music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Sammy Gurule between 04/2013 and 06/2013 unless otherwise noted.

*Guest vocals on Hearts of Concord performed by Justin Butcher



all rights reserved


Warren of Ohms Tempe, Arizona

One multi-instrumentalist doing the job of a full band because it's what I love doing. I am also a very lonely musician.

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Track Name: Eleanor Sends Her Regards
Dear Paul,
I looked at all the lonely people.
I wondered where they all came from.
I wondered where they all belonged,
All these lonely people.

And they asked me to deliver a message;

This is not how all the lonely people wanted to be looked at.
This is not how I wanted to be looked at.
My name will not be buried with me.
Track Name: OCD
Don't wait for the sun to set or you risk tightening that noose around your neck... slowly.

The chalk faces guard the streets and take rest in the evening,
But I watched mine wash away aeons ago.
Track Name: Prognosis for My Long-Term Survival
Oh how I wish you were me when they cut the oxygen to your brain.
You were so unsuspecting and I was unwinding at the nerves.

You could tie eight sticks together to make four crosses and nail them to each of my limbs,
and you still couldn't save me from this hell that I'm in.
There would be no savior to grant forgiveness.
Track Name: Argente des Laches
In the night while you slept, I packed my things and ran.
I told myself it was because this city couldn't hold me back when really, I'm a coward.
I couldn't bear to let you watch me fall when I'm a coward.
I couldn't bear to let you watch me fall.

In the night, the rain turns the miles into silver.
It is then that I am...
In the night, the rain turns the miles silver.
It is then that I am...
It is then that I am king.

I am king.
Track Name: Hearts of Concord
Only one thing is for certain,
Death comes for us all.
The gallows will take us all back down to where we belong.

**Finding rays in the darkest ways,
I traverse that which can't be known.
The great unknown.
Die free, so when you see standing in the holy places
the abomination that causes desolation,
let the reader understand...**

There are no oaths of faith between lions and men,
nor do wolves and lambs have hearts of concord.
Track Name: False Implication, Silent Approval
Is this it?
Happiness is increasingly harder to pursue these days.
I'm finding out the hard way why a tie and noose are made almost the exact same way.
With a black claw around my throat, I am drained.
No one knows...
No one knows I've been falling for the past few years.
I'm not dying for sophistication, just begging for change
Track Name: Frequency
I watched the world swallow you whole and spit you out.
From your broken, lifeless body grew a tree.
It rebuilt your spine, it's branches grew strong.

And I swear I saw a moth grow from your shoulder blades.
It helped carry you home.
As sure as the seasons change, so too will your wings soar.
Track Name: I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder [of] Orion.
[I] watched c-beams glitter [in the dark] near [the] Tannhäuser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Time to die.